AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Training Online Training

Learn how to design and deploy cloud-based solutions on the AWS platform

  • 24-Hour live Instructor-led Training
  • Get trained by experienced AWS approved trainers
  • Learn with case studies, real-world simulations, and other resources
  • Discover how to create enterprise-level Cloud infrastructures.
  • Learn the best techniques for developing Cloud-based applications.

Build High-Quality Systems that are Secure, Strong & Scalable

In recent years, Amazon Web Services has dominated the industry of cloud computing as a trustworthy and reliable provider of cloud services. AWS now includes 84 Availability Zones across 26 geographic locations and has announced plans for 24 additional Availability Zones and 8 additional AWS Regions in Australia, Canada, India, Israel, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Training is designed to equip you with the skillset to deploy enterprise-wide scalable, reliable, and robust applications on the AWS platform. The 3-day training program focuses on best practices and hands-on practical exercises that will reward you with immediately demonstratable skills that top recruiters value. 

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Training is a credential provided by AWS to candidates who clear the exam. The course calls for candidates to have a minimum of one year of experience in creating and developing applications on the AWS platform. Zeolearn offers high-performance training that will enable you to clear the exam with confidence and position you for a successful career in cloud computing.

As more and more companies are shifting their workload to the cloud, cloud computing has become a must-have, core competency in the organization. The AWS solution architect course is ideal for anyone looking to improve their AWS cloud abilities while pursuing a worthy certification path. An AWS Certified Solutions Architect earns an annual income of $125,018 per year.



Interact with industry experts, ask your questions and gain understanding.  


Learn from industry experts and build your knowledge through engaging & fun activities.       


Experience the immersive learning approach with guided, hands-on activities and more.     


Enhance your skills with auto-graded assignments and evaluations.      


Build an attractive portfolio while gaining real-world experience through projects.


Agile activities, team-based exercises, and more to give the best training possible. 



  • Step 1: Training 

    Get trained by an accredited trainer 

  • Step 2: Assessment

    Take the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam 
  • Step 3: Certification

    Pass the exam and become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect

What You Will Learn In The AWS Solutions Architect Training

  • A minimum of one year of experience in designing distributed systems on AWS is required. 
  • For further information on course prerequisites, please refer to the FAQs. 


  • Solution Architects
  • IT Managers
  • Developers
  • Testers
  • System Architects
  • Administrators
  • Professionals with an interest in building cloud-based solutions


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AWS Solution Architect Associate Curriculum

  • The Well-Architected Framework  
  • AWS Global Infrastructure 
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
  • Amazon S3 Glacier
  • Choosing AWS Regions for your architectures

Hands-on lab:

  • Hosting a Static Website 
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)  
  • Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)  
  • Amazon Elastic Block Storage (Amazon EBS)  
  • Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS)  
  • Amazon FSx 
  • Database layer considerations  
  • Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)  
  • Amazon DynamoDB  
  • AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS)  

Hands-on lab:   

  • Deploying a Web Application on AWS 
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)  
  • Network security in the cloud  

Hands-on lab:   

  • Creating a VPC 
  • AWS VPN connections  
  • AWS Direct Connect (DX)  
  • VPC peering  
  • AWS Transit Gateway  
  • Load balancing on AWS  
  • Amazon Route 53 
  • Account users and AWS IAM  
  • Federating users  
  • Amazon Cognito  
  • AWS Organizations 
  • Amazon CloudWatch  
  • AWS CloudTrail  
  • Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling  
  • Scaling your databases 

Hands-on lab:   

  • Creating a highly available environment 
  • AWS CloudFormation  
  • AWS Systems Manager  
  • AWS OpsWorks  
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Hands-on lab: 

  • Automating infrastructure deployment with AWS CloudFormation 
  • Caching on AWS with Amazon CloudFront  
  • Session management  
  • Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)  
  • Amazon ElastiCache 
  • Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS)  
  • Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) 
  • Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS)  
  • AWS Fargate  
  • AWS Lambda  
  • Amazon API Gateway  
  • AWS Step Functions  

Hands-on lab:   

  • Implementing a serverless architecture with AWS Managed Services 


  • Disaster planning  
  • Data replication  
  • Recovery strategies  
  • AWS Storage Gateway 


  • Best practices for optimization  
  • Review questions 

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate FAQs

AWS Solutions Architect Associate Training

Amazon Web Services, Inc. is an Amazon company that offers on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs (Application Programming Interface) to consumers, businesses, and governments. 

Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of IT resources over the Internet. Instead of buying, owning, and maintaining physical data centers and servers, you can access technology services, such as computing power, storage, and databases from a cloud provider like Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Through the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Training, you will learn how to design and build 

  • High-Performing Architectures  
  • Resielient Architectures  
  • Cost-effective Architectures  
  • Secure Applications and Architectures  

With the newly acquired skill set, you will be able to quickly establish yourself in a leading organization building distributed systems. 

Our Solutions Architect Associate Training is designed to provide you with in-demand skills that will enable you to play an important role in an AWS Cloud environment. In this exciting and dynamic curriculum, you will learn practical skills such as: 

  • Learn about the AWS cloud and infrastructure. 
  • Grasp the AWS cloud's value proposition 
  • Explore the fundamental concepts of AWS cloud operation and deployment. 
  • Gain knowledge about billing, pricing, and account management. 
  • Master AWS's core services and applications. 
  • Understand the foundational principles of cloud architecture. 
  • Find sources of documentation or technical assistance 

On successfully clearing the AWS Solution Architect Associate exam, you will receive the globally recognized Architect Associate Certification from AWS validating your competence to design and deploy distributed systems on AWS. 

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification

This certification is offered by AWS to candidates who prove their knowledge and skills by clearing the exam.   

AWS recommends the participants who wish to profit from this training to have the following:

  • At least one year of hands-on experience with AWS technology, including using compute, networking, storage, and database AWS services as well as AWS deployment and management services  
  • Experience deploying, managing, and operating workloads on AWS as well as implementing security controls and compliance requirements  
  • Familiarity with using both the AWS Management Console and the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)  
  • Understanding of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, AWS networking, security services, and the AWS global infrastructure  
  • Ability to identify which AWS services meet a given technical requirement and to define technical requirements for an AWS-based application 

The path to becoming an AWS Certified Solutions Architect is pretty straightforward. 

  • Enroll in the 24-hour power-packed training with a reputable training provider like Zeolearn. 
  • Prepare well, take the exam and score a minimum of 720 out of 1000. 
  • Clear the exam and you are now certified! 

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Workshop Experience

Our AWS Solution Architect Course is currently delivered through live and interactive instructor-led training sessions where you get to interact directly with the trainer and get all your queries answered. 

Our Training faculty comprises of 

  • Trainers  who are Certified by AWS 
  • Subject matter experts who are active in cloud computing    
  • Expert AWS Trainers, with years of experience to back their skill 
  • Masters in cloud computing who have extensive knowledge in leading & coaching. 

Our course focuses on engaging interactions. Most of the class time is dedicated to fun exercises, lively discussions, and team collaboration, all facilitated by a Certified & Experienced AWS Trainer. The emphasis is on finding practical solutions to real-world challenges in various cloud environments.   

Yes, you will receive your course materials in advance. A few days before the scheduled course, you will receive an email with a link to set your password. When you log in, you will have access to the study plan as well as all of the course material. 

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam

Studying for the AWS solutions architect associate exam requires focus, understanding, and practice. While there is no compulsion to take up any training before attempting the exam, it is highly recommended to do so. An AWS solution architect course will be a one-stop destination for courseware, mock exams & professional advice. 

This would depend on your experience so far with the AWS platform. The AWS certified solutions architect exam requires a specific level of knowledge and competence to clear it. If you are unfamiliar with AWS technology, the exam will be difficult for you. 

One way of preparing for the exam is to follow the directions in the exam guide, this will help you familiarize yourself with the examination format. 

To pass the AWS certified solutions architect exam, you must answer at least 36 of the 50 questions correctly. You need to score 720 out of 1000 to clear the exam. 

  • The cost of the exam will vary based on your location. You can view the prices on the AWS page. These rates are exclusive of any additional taxes that are payable.

    The AWS solution architect certification Training cost also varies according to your location and the training provider you choose. You can find the AWS solutions architect certification price on our schedule page.  

The AWS exam guide contains comprehensive information on each of the various AWS Certification exams. The guides explain the exam's purpose, who should take them, the work experience recommended, and the curriculum covered. Reading the exam guide should be a part of your preparation. 

Finance-related Queries

The cost of the exam will vary based on your location. You can view the prices on the AWS page. These rates are exclusive of any additional taxes that are payable.

The AWS solution architect certification Training cost also varies according to your location and the training provider you choose. You can find the AWS solutions architect certification price on our schedule page.  

Yes, with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy, you are assured of the highest quality standards. At ZeoLearn, we strive to ensure that your learning experience with us is devoid of reproach. However, if your expectations are not met for any reason, we will refund the course fee according to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy.   

Yes, with at least 24 hours' notice and subject to availability in the chosen batch, you can change your start date. 

Yes, you could pay the course fee in 2 to 3 installments. For more information, you can reach out to  

Yes, group discounts are available and apply to groups as small as three (3) participants. The more participants that attend a training course, the greater the discount. By registering in groups, you can typically save up to 20% to 30% on the course fee. 

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