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At Zeolearn, we believe that teaching is the first step towards learning. Our mentors are industry experts who train and motivate some of the brightest talents in the industry, and also learn and grow in the process.

If you have the passion to teach and mentor and want to make a positive difference to someone's life and career, then you are at the right place.

What will you get out of becoming a mentor?

Challenge yourself, be at the top of your game and provide up-to-date advice
Work at flexible timings
Earn attractive remunerations
Design and develop live industry projects
Achieve the satisfaction of motivating and inspiring the leaders of tomorrow

Our Students

I don’t learn well by watching other people do them, so ZeoLearn was a good fit for me. I liked their approach to teaching code – hands-on training instead of recorded videos. I’d recommend them to anyone who’s looking to learn something new.

I like that the people teaching us are working in the field themselves. They are up to date and have some great tips for your own work. This worked out great for me.

The learning experience was fast paced and hands-on. I liked building things while we were learning; really showed me the potential of a particular skill set. I was able to convert the learning into action too

ZeoLearn was convenient for me. I could be anywhere and I could take a class. All I needed was an internet connection. I enjoyed the freedom it provided me with.

This level of immersive training is rare in the e-learning sphere. I liked working alongside the trainer to learn while I was working. I started applying the learning to my work from the get go. It was refreshing.

Comprehensive information and all doubts answered. Great job guys, you have raised the bar!

Well-structured course modules and the mentorship was exemplary. I will be signing up for more courses

Very informative course. Having worked on the project, I was able to apply the learning to my work the very next day.

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C Holtrop

Review Name

Kaivalya Vohra

Data Scientist
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Adam Reblitz

Senior Data Analyst
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martian martian

Software Developer
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Branka Otasevic

Frontend WebDeveloper
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Mike Hodkinson

New Jersey
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Chakshu Malhotra

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Kaivalya Vohra

New Jersey

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