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Business Intelligence is generally defined as the set of strategies, processes, and technologies which help corporates, business managers, and other end users to make more informed business decisions. According to a Gartner report, Business Intelligence and Analytics Software market has seen a growth of 8% in 2013. The growth has been huge and it has created a lot of opportunities for professionals looking to work as BI analysts.

Business tasks are getting more complicated with the progression of time which gives almost no time for research and advancement. Large organizations are racing towards winning the competition which requires an in-depth understanding of concepts. But with the expanding degree of messy data it becomes more complex to analyze it in real-time. That is the point at which the organizations seriously require the technologies utilizing which they can examine and anticipate the market trends easily and BI serves this purpose.

Business Intelligence and analytics have completely changed the way organizations used to work at first with the assistance of powerful visualization techniques. The world has understood the importance of BI and analytics and now it is used in almost all sectors and its opportunities are going to expand in the near future. Hence, choosing this domain as your career will be a good step towards your success.

Definitely, BI is one of the most trending innovations in the current market across the world. Today, BI experts are in high demand receiving very high salaries every month. According to a research in 2016, the average business intelligence analyst’s salary in the U.S is expected to rise by 4.3% in the coming future ranging from $118,000 to $171,750 per annum.

It is predicted that there is a huge shortfall of qualified managers and analysts who have the ability to make powerful business decisions relying on the accurate analysis of big data. From the year 2014 to 2024, the career growth for qualified professionals is expected to grow by 14%, that is double the national average.

From software to project planning, Business Intelligence covers over a wide variety of jobs which require different skills including expertise in basic programming, SQL, analytical abilities, and relational database management. Just having theoretical knowledge is not enough to become a BI Analyst, as it is essential to have a strong foundation in related technologies. Hence, if you want to get started with BI then it is better to have a certification from the best Business Intelligence and Analytics training institute that makes you different from other applicants.

Here at Zeolearn, we are constantly working on building unique methods of teaching. Our Business Intelligence and Analytics courseware covers some of the most important and essential courses including Microsoft Power BI, Board BI Platform, Data Warehousing and BI, etc. Today, Business Intelligence and Analytics courses are trending and corporates are now adopting such platforms to grow their businesses. Therefore, we present our Business Intelligence and Analytics training to help professionals to be in the race. We believe in quality teaching, therefore, our industry experts will mentor participants throughout the course. The post-training support will provide participants with lifetime access to our experts.

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