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The corporate world now not only needs skilled workers but also up-skilled ones. With the dynamism of the marketplace, every field needs people who are constantly learning, changing, evolving with the rest of the field. You need your workers to be up to date and we can do just that for you. ZeoLearn offers intensive, hands-on training for individuals or groups in the fields of IT, Sales, Operations, Marketing, Management, and Consulting. Take a look at what we offer and we're sure you'll see that ZeoLearn is a good fit for you.

Zeolearn Advantage

Hands on learning

All our training sessions are based on Learn-by-doing method, which ensures that trainees cement their learning through practical projects that they develop along with their mentor.

Expert Instructors

Zeolearn trainers are industry experts who are currently working in the field and bring their real-world expertise to the classroom.

Periodic Assessment & Projects

Participants build real-time projects under the watchful eye of mentors, and are periodically assessed to check their progress.

Blended learning

Zeolearn takes a student-centered approach by combining the advantages of both virtual learning and physical classrooms.

Measure training outcomes

Zeolearn has in place a systematic means of assessing the learning retention of trainees at the end of each training session.

Post Training Support

Participants can connect with industry experts for project evaluation, deep dive into specific concepts or assistance in implementing the technology learnt.

Areas Of Expertise

Mobile Development

Web Development



Big Data

Business Intelligence and Analytics





Internet of Things


The parallel evolution of technology and the corporate world has necessitated the IT professionals to scale themselves up in all possible ways. Having rudimentary skills in outdated technologies will bar the IT aspirants from mounting the corporate ladder. With new dimensions being added to the dynamic global market every day, the corporate population is expected to be equipped with skillsets tailored to the industry standards. An all-inclusive corporate training is exactly what you need, to become a professional of corporate calibre. At ZeoLearn, we provide you with all the amenities that help you sustain and progress in the rapidly transforming era of tools and technology. Our highly skilled in-house corporate trainers, with years of experience in diverse domains, impart the right amount of knowledge that can keep you afloat in the competitive corporate environs. The corporate training courses offered by ZeoLearn are at par with the industrial demands and aligned to your project requirements. Our experienced corporate trainers conduct customized group trainings in the fields of IT, Operations, Marketing, Management and Consulting. Their perceptions of the nuances of the unique corporate domains are authentic, and catalyze your career growth in a span less than that of the other corporate training companies. Your post-training outcomes will also be evaluated by our esteemed trainers, which will help you understand your critical skill gaps and work on improving them. Be a part of the unique learning experience at ZeoLearn and blend into the dynamic corporate culture!

Customer Speak

I don’t learn well by watching other people do them, so ZeoLearn was a good fit for me. I liked their approach to teaching code – hands-on training instead of recorded videos. I’d recommend them to anyone who’s looking to learn something new.

ZeoLearn was convenient for me. I could be anywhere and I could take a class. All I needed was an internet connection. I enjoyed the freedom it provided me with.

This level of immersive training is rare in the e-learning sphere. I liked working alongside the trainer to learn while I was working. I started applying the learning to my work from the get go. It was refreshing.

Comprehensive information and all doubts answered. Great job guys, you have raised the bar!

Well-structured course modules and the mentorship was exemplary. I will be signing up for more courses

Very informative course. Having worked on the project, I was able to apply the learning to my work the very next day.

Angular 4 is new in the market and there are only few organisations providing proper hands-on training on it. I came to know about ZeoLearn’s Angular 4 course and I liked the way they have framed the entire course in different modules. During the course I also learnt how to test SPAs on different platforms. 

I took the Angular 4 training in San Francisco. As a developer turned entrepreneur, I really enjoyed the entire training. The catalog mentioned on the website covered almost every concept. My focus was to learn angular best practices and how to design, build, and test SPAs. Certainly, the course didn’t disappoint me and the trainer helped me a lot while I was working on angular 4 projects.

I was in search of a proper training on Angular 4. Then I got to know about Zeolearn’s offering of this course in San Francisco. Just want to thank my trainer, James, for conducting the training smoothly. During the course, I worked a lot on different projects and learnt some useful insights of Angular 4. I strongly feel that the Instructor should have spent more time on explaining the concepts of data binding and dependency injection.

I wanted to make my career in developing web applications. The course was very helpful for me and I was able to achieve my goal. Specially, I liked the way he explained the concepts with proper examples. The hands-on sessions made it easy for all of us to understand the advanced concepts of Angular 4. I recommend this to everyone who is willing to work as a front-end developer.

C Holtrop

C Holtrop

martian martian

martian martian

Software Developer
Branka Otasevic

Branka Otasevic

Frontend WebDeveloper
Mike Hodkinson

Mike Hodkinson

New Jersey
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Chakshu Malhotra

Kaivalya Vohra

Kaivalya Vohra

New Jersey
Stacey Berman

Stacey Berman

Technical Lead
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Ron Quigley

Web developer
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Ciaran Edgell

Angular JS developer
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Hannah Fulton

Web Application developer

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