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Wandis Henry angular 6 developer 22 Oct 2018

The instructor was clear and concise and encouraged frequent participation from the audience. After attaining the training course, I am able to do explore angular coding, totally the training was excellent, taught me various tricks and shortcut ideas for coding. The training session was held in New York. If you are planning to take up this course it’s my honest suggestion to go through Zeolearn, were you can build your career as well.

Pier Billings angular 6 lead 22 Oct 2018

Amazing course! Although I already had a ground on ES6 and TypeScript language features, I learned a lot that I didn’t know previously about these new syntaxes and how to use them. The trainers are well-experienced and their explanations are to the point and very clear. Their approach makes it easy to get going with your own Angular projects once the course is completed.

Kevin Iuchi angular 6 developer 22 Oct 2018

Training sessions were very active. The instructor made such environment that allowed very active participation in the training sessions. They used good quality tools for online classes, test papers, and interactive sections. I would like to recommend the course to the interested ones. Thank you Zeolearn!

Ansley Terrell angular 6 lead 22 Oct 2018

I wanted to make my career in developing web applications. The Angular 6 course at New York was very helpful for me and I was able to achieve my goal in web development. Especially, I liked the way the instructor explained the concepts with proper examples. The hands-on sessions made it easy for all of us to understand the advanced concepts like ES6 and TypeScript language editor of Angular

Niall Nessen angular 6 developer 22 Oct 2018

Instructor brought years of experience into the course. The session was held at Washington DC. I appreciated his room life, examples he brought to make the course more engaging and more interactive session. The course was informative and well laid out. One suggestion would be for the instructor to spend more time at the beginning of the course on how to use the material.

Rance Bove angular 6 lead 22 Oct 2018

Provided the most comprehensive and in-depth learning experience. The classes were practical oriented and highly interactive. The trainer was very friendly, professional and well-experienced. The way he related the Angular concepts with real-world examples was pretty much good. Thanks, Zeolearn for offering this wonderful opportunity to master the things in an easy way. Love to attend more trainings in the future. Thank you!


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