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The term database is defined as the collection of structured set of data that can be easily and quickly accessed, modified, and updated with the help of DBMSs which includes Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, and PostgreSQL. Since data storage is at the core of all organizations, the need of database experts is growing rapidly in the similar domains of data assurance and security.

Database management is one of the best career choices in the current IT market. Beginning a profession in database management implies turning into a database administrator (DBA) who manages a range of functions allied to database storage, installation, development, testing, retrieval, security, and troubleshooting. Since enterprises utilize huge information frameworks to store data, you will regularly work as a DBA with network system and data communication analysts who will create, run tests, and assess systems such as LANs, WANs, Internet, and the corporate intranets.

Nowadays DBAs and Big Data have gained popularity all over the world. The hundreds of jobs appearing every day on different websites indeed paint a promising picture for DBAs. Database administrator is a job with good work-life balance, low stress level and strong possibilities to enhance, get advanced and earn attractive salary would make employees happy.

The average salary for database administrator range from $98,500-$148,500. Mostly, DBAs earn higher wages than data communication analysts and network systems. The individuals who handle corporate database systems, work in medical or healthcare informatics or build secure web e-commerce sites generally earn the most.

If you don?t have a higher education or experience in computer science but still interested to start a career in database administration, you can look for certification course in database programming. First, start with learning the fundamental courses like SQL in database administration at the beginning of your career and try to get some hands-on learning after you have become proficient in basics. Since many database institutes facilitate you to learn, you just need to choose the right one which would help your career the most and improve your skill level to become a database expert.

Zeolearn offers a comprehensive set of database courses which includes MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, MySQL, PouchDB etc. Our database training course is designed specifically to develop the programming skills of an individual from basics and advanced. Our professional trainers at Zeolearn give you practical and hands-on experience on world?s most popular databases. Adding DBA certification as your qualification boosts not only your career, but also your salaries.

Become expert in databases with hands-on practical exercises and examples!

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