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DevSecOps Engineering Training

Learn how to integrate security into continuous delivery workflows, advantages of making security a part of DevOps culture.

  • 16 hours of Instructor-led sessions
  • Basic to Advanced level
  • Hands-on learning

Modes of Delivery

Key Features

16 hours of Instructor-led training
Interactive hands-on learning sessions
Grasp the benefits and detailed concepts of DevSecOps
Learn how to make security a part of the DevOps culture and integrate security into continuous delivery workflows
Understand the difference between DevOps security practices and other security approaches
Our DevSecOps trainers will guide students in implementing the technology for future projects


DevSecOps Engineering Training

DevOps is the fastest growing trend in technology and has changed the way businesses and organisations operate. The growth of DevOps has in turn enhanced the need for DevOps security which can protect organisations against threat. Security in DevOps is called DevSecOps and it is successful only when it becomes part of the DevOps culture and is embraced by everyone on the team.

Zeolearn academy brings you the DevSecOps Engineering course that will teach you how to make security a part of the DevOps culture and integrate security into continuous delivery workflows. This comprehensive and interactive workshop will help you become an IT Security professional with the expertise needed to make security and compliance consumable as a service. Register and get the coaching from experienced professionals trainers at reasonable cost.

What you will learn!

  • To use data and security science to protect your organisation and customers
  • The difference between DevOps Security Practices and other security approaches
  • How to integrate the DevSecOps into the DevOps culture
  • DevSecOps best practices

Is this course right for your career growth?

An indicative audience mix would include:

  • Anyone Interested In Learning About DevSecOps Practices
  • IT Security Professional, Practitioners and Managers
  • Testers and Quality Assurance Teams
  • Software Engineers and DevOps Engineers
  • IT Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Managed Service Providers
  • Release Managers and Delivery Staff
  • Maintenance and Support Staff
  • Anyone Involved In Continuous Delivery Tool chain Architectures 


Participants must have knowledge of DevOps and must have previously worked in a DevOps environment.


  • The Purpose, Benefits, Concepts And Vocabulary Of DevSecOps
  • How DevOps Security Practices Differ From Other Security Approaches
  • Business-Driven Security Strategies
  • Understanding And Applying Data And Security Sciences
  • The Use And Benefits Of Red And Blue Teams
  • Integrating Security Into Continuous Delivery Workflows
  • How DevSecOps Roles Fit With A DevOps Culture And Organisation

Frequently Asked Questions

DevOps has brought in loads of benefits to organisations as a result of which organisations are investing heavily in their DevOps infrastructure. Most surveys show a steep increase in the hiring percentage of DevOps professionals which clearly shows the demand there is for DevOps skilled professionals. DevOps security is an integral part of DevOps and a DevSecOps Engineer uses data and security science in order to protect the organisation and customers.

That’s why Zeolearn brings you the DevSecOpsEngineering course that will help you gain the skills needed to bring in security into the DevOps culture and bring about quality changes that will benefit the organization. This course will help you gain hands on expertise through the numerous examples, exercises and project work conducted through the course of the workshop. You will also work on an industry-level project that will make you a master of these technologies. Enrol now and get set for a glittering career.

On completing the course, you will learn about:

  • How to contribute to a DevOps team by implementing security measures
  • The approach behind the DevOps method for software development
  • The challenges associated with testing activities in a DevOps team
  • The soft skills needed to fit into the DevOps culture and create a highly motivated team

Zeolearn brings you mentor driven courses that not only helps professionals gain theoretical expertise but also the practical experience in a wide variety of courses including courses on DevOps such as DevOps leader and DevOps Test Engineering, which are very popular. The fact that our workshops are mentor driven gives us an edge over other training institutes since you can learn from industry experts about the application and challenges of upcoming technologies. We have so far trained thousands of professionals with the skills needed to land lucrative jobs and you could be next!

You will receive a Zeolearn issued DevSecOps Engineering certification in the form of a course completion certificate.

Towards the end of the course, all participants will be required to work on a project to get hands on familiarity with the concepts learnt. You will learn to apply the DevSecOps Engineering practices and strategies you have learnt in the workshop, on a project. This project, which can also be a live industry project, will be reviewed by our instructors and industry experts. On successful completion, you will be awarded a certification.

Classes are held on weekdays and weekends. You can check available schedules and choose the batch timings which are convenient for you.

You may be required to put in 10 to 12 hours of effort every week, including the classroom sessions/live class, self study and assignments.

We offer classes in classroom and online format. While classroom sessions are held in specific venues in your city, for online sessions all you need is a Windows computer with good internet connection and you can access the class anywhere, at anytime. A headset with microphone is also recommended.

You may also attend these classes from your smart phone or tablet.

Don’t worry, you can always access your class recording or opt to attend the missed session again in any other live batch.

This course is apt for :-

  • Anyone Involved In Defining A DevOps Testing Strategy
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Testers and Quality Assurance Team
  • Software Engineers and DevOps Engineers
  • IT Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Lab Staff
  • Release Managers and Delivery Staff
  • Maintenance and Support Staff
  • Anyone Involved In Testing Tool Selection

One must have:

  • Operating system such as Mac OS X, Windows or Linux (Mac needed to package iOS apps)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Dual Core CPU

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