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All you have to do is choose the course and enter your basic details, make the payment and you are good to go! If you are unsure of which course to pursue, just pick up the phone and talk to our advisors. They'll guide you!

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Our boot camps are intense and optimally paced to give you maximum learning benefit. Each course has a fixed number of hours and a defined number of mentor meetings each week.

You will learn, not from video tutorials but directly through live interaction with our trainers who have years of industry experience and expertise.

Get Mentored

You will be mentored by industry experts who will help iron out all the challenges you may face in applying the theory that you have learnt to a live project.

practice with us

Demo sessions

Demo sessions: Our in-depth, hands-on practice exercises will give you the confidence you need to execute projects. Your mentor guides will be with you all through the way, guiding and ensuring you thoroughly grasp concepts.

live coding

You will learn new concepts through coding. This will show you the practical side of things and the results that are achieved.

project work

Once you are fairly confident with the concepts, you will be initiated into live industry project work. This will give you an opportunity to test your abilities and show your talent to future employers.

grow with us

mentors and instructors

Our mentors and instructors are always there to guide you through the course and your project work. Clear your doubts, get help with theory and practicals, and get your work reviewed in regular meetings you will have with your mentors.

meet and greet sessions

Hobnob with industry experts and professionals who will be your guest speakers and external faculty. Draw from them inspiration to succeed and clear your doubts on technology, platforms or even life!


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