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Java 101 Rated 4.5/5 based on 742 customer reviews

Java 101 Training in San Francisco-CA, United States

Learn to design flexible object models using object-oriented principles. Write Java programs with GUIs that run on PC, Mac or Linux machines.

  • 40 hours of Instructor-led classes
  • Beginner level
  • Immersive hands-on sessions
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Key Features

40 hours of Immersive Instructor-led training
Interactive hands-on learning
Grasp fundamentals of Java programming technique including object-oriented features
Learn about Object Oriented Programming and design flexible object models using object-oriented principles
Write and run Java programs, and create robust console and GUI applications.
Our Java experts will guide students in implementing the technology for future projects


If you are a computer programming novice, Java is one of the most practical languages to learn. Widely used for many purposes, Java is also Google’s language of choice for Android app development and is said to be used by 9 million developers worldwide. With its unique architecture, Java allows programmers to easily develop a single application for seamless use across multiple platforms. Zeolearn brings you a hands-on course that introduces you to Java, gives you experience with its object-oriented features and gets you started on Java programming techniques. By the end of the course you will be able to write and run Java programs, and create robust console and GUI applications.

Careers in Java

Today, Java is everywhere: it runs on all platforms and devices and is popular in all countries around the world. Using Java, developers can make programs work just about anywhere. Java’s magic lies in its incredible abilities to innovate and adapt to transformations in the technology landscape. With a solid base in Java programming, you can get started on a great career in web development, app development or even Hadoop and analytics. Our Java 101 course will help you to lay the foundation for a challenging and fulfilling career in Java.

Here’s what you will learn!

  • Learn and practice coding concepts using Java
  • Learn about Object Oriented Programming and design flexible object models using object-oriented principles
  • Get a solid footing in Java SE programming and write Java programs with GUIs that run on PC, Mac or Linux machines
  • Work on a project using Java

Is this course right for you?

This is a beginner course and is suitable for anybody who wishes to program or learn the Java language. 


There are no prerequisites to attend this course except basic computer skills and an awareness of the concept of programming languages.




  • Introduction to Computers, Programming Languages, and the Java Programming Environment
  • Pseudocode and Algorithms
  • Identifying errors
  • Data types and variables
  • Introduction to Classes and Objects
  • Graphics
  • Fundamental Data Types
  • Decisions
  • Iterations
  •  Methods (Parameter Passing, Instance vs. Static Methods)
  • Defining a Private Implementation
  • Defining a Public Interface
  • Unit Testing
  • If statement and switch statement
  • Loops
  • Control Flow statements
  • Encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism
  • Designing an OO application step by step
  • Java’s object-oriented features
  • Arrays, Array Lists and Simple Array Algorithms
  • Data Structures in Practice

Frequently Asked Questions

Java is grounded in readability and simplicity, making it one of the most popular languages among developers. Java is the programming language of choice for many leading corporates, including company websites like, and Having grown in strength over the past two decades, Java has proven that it has staying power and long-term compatibility, ensuring that older applications work well even today. It is a given that Java is here to stay−and learning this popular language will stand you in good stead in your career as a programmer!

Zeolearn’s Java 101 training course will give you all the knowledge that you need to start programming in Java today. Learn from the best trainers, get access to the best material and take advantage of the most competitive workshop cost. Get your programming career off to a running start!

On completing the Java 101 online course, you will learn:

  • An overview of Java
  • How to program in Java and build your own applications
  • All about object oriented programming
  • How to work with classes, objects and methods
  • Basic data structures

Zeolearn brings you online, mentor driven courses that not only helps professionals gain theoretical expertise but also the practical experience in a wide variety of courses including courses on Programming such PHP 101 and Ruby 101, which are very popular. The fact that our workshops are mentor driven gives us an edge over other training institutes since you can learn from industry experts about the application and challenges of upcoming technologies. We have so far trained thousands of professionals with the skills needed to land lucrative jobs and you could be next!

You will receive Java 101 Certification in the form of a course completion certificate.

Towards the end of the Java 101 online course, all participants will be required to work on a project to get hands on familiarity with the concepts learnt. You will create a Java programme and test it with support from your mentors. This project, which can also be a live industry project, will be reviewed by our instructors and industry experts. On successful completion, you will be awarded a certificate.

Classes are held on weekdays and weekends. You can check available schedules and choose the batch timings which are convenient for you.

You may be required to put in 10 to 12 hours of effort every week, including the live class, self study and assignments.

Your classes will be held online. All you need is a windows computer with good internet connection to attend your classes online. A headset with microphone is recommended.

You may also attend these classes from your smart phone or tablet.

Don’t worry, you can always access your class recording or opt to attend the missed session again in any other live batch.

This is a beginner course and is suitable for anybody who wishes to program or learn the Java language.

  • Operating system such as Mac OS X, Windows or Linux
  • Apache 1.3.19-5 web server
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or above or other modern web browsers such as Chrome
  • Free Java Software Development kit from Oracle (Downloadable)
  • Internet Connection

Java 101 Course in San Francisco-CA


San Francisco was ranked in the tenth place among the top global financial centres in 2014. Jobs in the IT sector in San Francisco are rapidly increasing from 1 percent in 1990, growing to 4 percent in 2010 and to an estimated 8 percent in 2013.There area plethora of opportunities to achieve goals at a professional level in the city.

About the course in the city

Java is platform-independent ,i.e., it can run on any computer and does not depend on the hardware and software. It is also an object-oriented programming language, which is easy to use and helps to keep the system flexible and extensible. Java is a very secure language and free to download. Zeolearn offers coaching for Java 101 course in San Francisco. By getting yourself enrolled in this course, you will learn coding, which helps you to understand your application better.

Java 101 training in San Francisco by Zeolearn institute is organized in such an approach to guide you in a well-ordered manner to make you a specialist in the field of programming improvement. Our expert mentors help you to contemplate with the assistance of hands-on materials, workshops and practice sessions.

Java 101 training in San Francisco improves your problem-solving and programming skills and also helps you design, develop and debug your program. At the end of this course, you will be able to build a program that helps you contribute to software development.

Java 101 course in San Francisco includes informative video lectures, challenging assignments and dozens of code examples. You are invited to code under the guidance of our tutor as you develop your skills more efficiently. The course with live lectures by our professional tutors will improve your basics to advance by giving you assignments.

Java 101 certification in San Francisco also covers real-world problems with Java using multiple classes and if in case, you are not satisfied with our course, then your whole fee will be returned to you.

Here is what you learn

Our Java training course in San Francisco offers:

  • Learning programming concepts
  • Setting up the development environment
  • Editing, compiling and running a Java program
  • How to troubleshoot errors
  • How to use functions
  • Learning different types of loops
  • Understanding the importance of an array

Objective of the Course:

  • To make new developers experts in advanced skills
  • To do coding efficiently to enhance our system

Highlights of the Course:

  • Lifetime access
  • Live interactive sessions
  • Learn-by-doing assignments
  • Flexible schedule
  • Opportunity to learn from industry experts

Is the course right for you?

This course is primarily suitable for new developers or programmers who are interested in learning Java and desire to contribute to the field of software development.


To pursue this course, basic computer skills and an awareness of the concept of programming languages is mandatory.

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