Thinkfree DocsConverter announced MS Office Docs Conversion Services to AWS Marketplace

Thinkfree DocsConverter page on AWS Marketplace .
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Thinkfree DocsConverter announced MS Office Docs Conversion Services to AWS Marketplace

Susan May
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28th Mar, 2017
Thinkfree DocsConverter announced MS Office Docs Conversion Services to AWS Marketplace

Thinkfree, a Hancom company located in South Korea announced that ThinkFree Docs will now be available in AWS Marketplace. They have built this converter to fulfill the requirements of the wide range of companies that include services like web-based application providers and cloud service providers. Document converter is used for converting Microsoft office documents to the formats that are suitable for viewing the docs on the web that includes HTML, PDF, JPG, TXT and PNG formats. This document converter has simple APIs that can be invoked easily from the existing mobile and web applications for enabling them for instantly-viewable docs.

They have built this API on AWS extending. Saas providers and Web service developers need simplest ways for implementing the document conversion from various proprietary forms-like xlsx, pptx, docs to formats that anybody can view the instantly on the web browser. Customized document converters can be built using open-source or commercial desktop applications, but these systems are neither optimized or designed to run in a server environment with more scalability and stability. ThinkFree document converter supports AWS customers with an ability for implementing the document conversion abilities - having the control over a security and scalability- into their workplaces and services on a single click.

Simple steps for publishing Microsoft office and many other files for viewing them via a browser.

  • Server deployment by AWS on a single click.

  • Easy to integrate with web apps by API.

  • Converts the Microsoft office files to HTML,PDF,image and text files.

Bruno Lowagie, Chief Strategy Officer of Thinkfree said The availability of Thinkfree DocsConverter on AWS Marketplace is a big step towards the idea of universal access to information . and he also mentioned that Information that mobile ISVs and service providers want to share - both internally and externally - but that until now has been locked up in proprietary document formats can now be published quickly and easily for universal consumption .

Steve Koliha, AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc said “Thinkfree DocsConverter makes it easy for our customers and partners to incorporate Office document conversion functionality into their infrastructures and solutions,and also told that The Thinkfree DocsConverter server is available for immediate purchase and deployment in Marketplace.

Bruno added that ,With Thinkfree DocsConverter on AWS, all the headaches previously associated with custom conversion systems are gone. Click. Deploy. Publish. It's that easy.

Price and Availability of the Product

Thinkfree document converter is available in AWS Marketplace.Pricing also varies from subscription terms and AWS instance type selection . For more information on the server price and configuration you can visit Thinkfree DocsConverter page on AWS Marketplace .


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