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Managing a project can be challenging and managing a software project can be more complex, if you are new to software or software project management. The adoption of Agile frameworks has also created inconsistency and confusion in the project management role.

Project management is crucial for the success of any business. To get started with project management, first you should work as a part of the major project team delivering products on-time and on-budget. Now, as a team member, you would be expected to work with deadlines and milestones, dealing with change requests, assessing risk, and reporting progress. So, it is not a big deal to proceed to being the one designing the plans, defining the schedules and dealing with the change. This is an easy transition with the right support and training for the right individual.

If you are an IT expert or developer and aiming to develop your career in project management domain, then Agile might be the right place to start since its self-motivated teams enable individuals to practice management and strategies. In case you are already working in an Agile team, you can shift your career to the Scrum Master role and check your project management career path.

Project management has been accepted as the most effective and powerful methods of delivering products and services within the specified resource and cost. Zeolearn offers hands-on series of project management certification courses including Certified Agile Process Owner, Certified Agile Service Manager, Certified Scrum Master Training, Certified Scrum Product Owner etc that equip you with the required skills to make sure that your projects are done on budget and on time while delivering the product to the client. You will obtain a solid working experience of the project management fundamentals and be able to implement that knowledge to manage the projects effectively. Our project management courses are delivered by the industry professionals with excellent career guidance that will take your career to the next level.

At the end of the series of courses, you will gain the ability to manage and identify the product scope, design a project plan and project budget, specify and allot resources, find out and manage risks, manage the project development, and understand the project acquisition process. Having a strong understanding of the value of management process, you will be able to design a plan that will result in positive outcomes that you are trying to achieve within your enterprise.

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