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Tips For CMOs To Keep Their Creative Teams Humming Our crew has a background in development and we gear the training on the site towards job placement specifically," said ZeoLearn's Biz Dev manager Ted Miller. How an Entrepreneur With an Idea Can Develop Technical Expertise If you have an idea that you want to develop into a working business, the instructor-led training website ZeoLearn is the place to get started and hone your skills. How This Startup Is Making Online Learning Truly Interactive ZeoLearn is perfectly positioned to help professionals to that end. Their HTML5 and CSS3 training course, for example, is led by a live instructor, who assists students through a live coding experience. Instead of just listening to lecture, students can learn by doing with ZeoLearn's unique hands-on training. Just How Important Is A College Education These Days? A spokesperson from ZeoLearn, an interactive learning platform, says, "Harnessing the power of the internet by utilizing traditional classrooms has given way to virtual ones." Virtual classrooms are more convenient for most people, and they have more flexibility on when and where they learn. Op-Ed: Virtual firms bet on digital to change education industry On ZeoLearn's website, users see the ratings of the courses, student comments, and how many have taken the classes. The social proof helps students to select which classes are appropriate to take. Web Development Trends to Look Out For in 2017 Web developers lead very exciting lives. With technology evolving at an ever-increasing rate, you'll never run out of new skills to learn or ideas to explore. While this can be fun for developers who love to code, it also means you should do your best to keep up with the latest trends. Extremely useful entrepreneur skills that will come in handy someday Luckily, there are a lot of options out there to push you in the right direction. ZeoLearn, for example, offers a top-to-bottom course on machine learning that will give you an in-depth understanding of big data and predictive analysis. How working remotely can be beneficial for business This is where instructor-led training sites like ZeoLearn come in the picture. Doing a course here helps people - especially marketers and developers - climb the career ladder by acquiring professional skills and getting hired by cool companies like Groove, Buffer and Baremetrics. Top Destinations for Digital Marketing Training More and more businesses are opting for automation and outsourcing to eliminate most routine works, especially those related to marketing. This, in particular, created immense opportunities for digital marketers. However, to be successful in this field you need a high level of creativity and combine that with social intelligence to connect with people. Tactics for Building Brand Loyalty in E-Commerce Brush up on your big data and analytics skills. ZeoLearn offers hands-on mentorship and from industry experts in data visualization with tools like Tableau that will help you make sense of your analytics dashboards, understand industry reports and estimates, and quickly make decisions that will benefit your customers. New Players On The Block Are Revolutionising the E-learning Space ZeoLearn, a revolutionary e-learning platform, offers a plethora of Software Development and Digital Marketing Courses. ZeoLearn provides mentorship more than an instructor led training session.