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Microsoft Power BI Training in Melbourne, Australia

Learn about basics of Microsoft Power BI, Power BI dashboard, DAX and to deal with data, its source and transformation

  • 16 hours of Instructor-led training
  • Beginner level
  • Hands-on learning
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Key Features

16 hours of Instructor-led training classes
In-depth hands-on learning
Learn the fundamental concepts of Power BI
Understand the concepts such as Modelling, Visualizations, exploring data in dashboard, DAX functionality, etc
Create custom data visualizations and style reports for lucid data representation
Our mentors will guide students in implementing the technology for future projects


Power BI Training

Visualization of data is key to deriving useful insights from a business perspective. While there are many tools for this purpose, Power BI has been gaining popularity for offering cutting edge tools that help transform an organisation's data into rich visuals and offer a panoramic view of the business to users helping them gauge updates in real time. The Power BI dashboard can run on multiple devices and helps organise data into trans formative visuals.

Zeolearn Academy brings you a comprehensive Power BI training course that is a perfect introduction for you into the world of BI. You will learn the basics of Power BI such as the Power BI desktop, and how to connect to data using Power BI desktop. Our expert trainers will then familiarize you with the rich components that drive this tool such as Modelling, Visualizations, exploring data with the dashboard, working with Excel, publishing and sharing data and the DAX functionality. Enrol for the Power BI course now and master the powerful capabilities of BI. Moreover, you will get access to the reference materials after registering.

What you will learn from our workshop:

  • About BI and how it will transform data and business
  • About the Power BI desktop and managing and utilizing data with it
  • Connecting data from different sources and data modelling with Power BI desktop
  • How to custom create data visualizations and style reports for lucid data representation
  • The working of Power BI and Excel
  • How to share and collaborate with data with Power BI
  • Power BI Data Analysis Expression(DAX), and its functions

Is this course right for you?

This Power BI certification course is ideal for people who have to work with data and also developers, Business analysts, project managers and other IT professionals.


Participants are expected to have an understanding of how data works and how it can contribute to building a business to attend the Power BI training classes.


  • Guided Learning for Power BI
  • Using Power BI
  • Building Blocks of Power BI
  • A quick look at the Power BI service

  • Getting Started with Power BI Desktop
  • Connect to Data Sources in Power BI Desktop
  • Clean and Transform your data with the Query Editor
  • More Advanced Data Source and Transformation
  • Type natural-language questions about your data on a dashboard
  • Cleaning Irregularly Formatted Data
  • Modeling
  • How to Manage Your Data Relationships
  • Create Calculated Columns
  • Optimizing Data Models for Better Visuals
  • Create measures and work with time-based functions
  • Create Calculated Tables
  • Explore Time-Based data
  • Create and Customize Simple Visualizations
  • How to use combination charts
  • Create and format slicers
  • How to use Map Visualizations
  • How to use Tables and Matrixes
  • How to use Scatter Charts
  • How to use Waterfall and Funnel Charts
  • How to use Gauges and Single Number Cards
  • How to modify colors in charts and visuals
  • Style your Reports with Shapes, Text Boxes and Images
  • Page Layout and Formatting
  • Duplicate a page report
  • Show categories with No Data
  • Customize Visuals with Summarization and Category Options
  • Arrange the Z-order of Report Elements
  • Visual hierarchies and drill down behaviour
  • R visuals in Power BI
  • Exploring data
  • The Power BI service
  • Create and Configure a Dashboard
  • Create Custom Q&A Suggestions
  • Share Dashboards with your organization
  • Display Visuals and Tiles Full Screen
  • Edit Tile Details
  • Get More space on your Dashboard
  • Install and Configure a personal gateway
  • Power BI and Excel
  • Import and Excel table into Power BI
  • Import Excel files with data models and Power View sheets
  • Connect One Drive for business to Power BI
  • Publishing and Sharing
  • Publish Reports from Power BI Desktop to the Power BI Service
  • Print and Export Power BI Dashboard
  • Manually Republish and Refresh your Data
  • Introducing Power BI Mobile
  • Create a group in Power BI
  • Create a content pack in Power BI
  • Connect to a content pack in Power BI
  • Connect to a content pack from  group in Power BI
  • Edit a content pack in Power BI
  •  Integrate OneDrive for business with Power BIPublishing and Sharing
  • Publish Reports from Power BI Desktop to the Power BI Service
  • Print and Export Power BI Dashboard
  • Manually Republish and Refresh your Data
  • Introducing Power BI Mobile
  • Create a group in Power BI
  • Create a content pack in Power BI
  • Connect to a content pack in Power BI
  • Connect to a content pack from  group in Power BI
  • Edit a content pack in Power BI
  •  Integrate OneDrive for business with Power BI
  • Introduction to DAX
  • DAX Calculation types
  • DAX Functions
  • Using Variable in DAX expressions
  • Table Relationships and DAX
  • DAX Tables and Filtering

Frequently Asked Questions

Power BI is the latest tool from Microsoft that offers powerful data visualisation tools. It can work on numerous data types including Excel, Access and CSV files, but also Sales force, Google Analytics and many others and offers desktop and cloud services. You can use Power BI to transform, manage and manipulate data and create visuals that can transform your business. Zeolearn brings you up-to-date Power BI training classes that will help you master the tools and deliver strong business performances. The course will help you gain hands on expertise through the numerous examples, exercises and project work conducted through the course of the workshop. Join now and learn to leverage the power of Power BI for project and career success.

On completing the course, you will learn about:

  • The basics of Microsoft Power BI
  • The Power BI dashboard
  • How to deal with data, its source and transformation
  • Modeling and data visualization
  • How Power BI and Excel interact
  • Publishing and Sharing data
  • DAX and its expressions

Zeolearn brings you mentor driven courses that not only helps professionals gain theoretical expertise but also the practical experience in a wide variety of courses including courses on Business Intelligence and Analytics such as Data analysis with R and Machine Leaning using Python, which are very popular. The fact that our workshops are mentor driven gives us an edge over other training institutes since you can learn from industry experts about the application and challenges of upcoming technologies. We have so far trained thousands of professionals with the skills needed to land lucrative jobs and you could be next

You will receive Power BI certification in the form of a course completion certificate.

Towards the end of the course, all participants will be required to work on a project to get hands on familiarity with the concepts learnt. You will build your own Power BI application with support from your mentors. This project, which can also be a live industry project, will be reviewed by our instructors and industry experts. On successful completion, you will be awarded a certification.

Classes are held on weekdays and weekends. You can check available schedules and choose the batch timings which are convenient for you.

You may be required to put in 10 to 12 hours of effort every week, including the classroom sessions/live class, self study and assignments.

We offer classes in classroom and online format. While classroom sessions are held in specific venues in your city, for online sessions all you need is a Windows computer with good internet connection and you can access the class anywhere, at anytime. A headset with microphone is also recommended.

You may also attend these classes from your smart phone or tablet.

Don’t worry, you can always access your class recording or opt to attend the missed session again in any other live batch.

This course is ideal for people who have to work with data and also developers, Business analysts, project managers and other IT professionals. 

One must have:

  • Operating system such as Mac OS X, Windows or Linux (Mac needed to package iOS apps)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Dual Core CPU

Microsoft Power BI Course in Melbourne


Melbourne is one of those dynamic cities that always seem to be transforming itself into something better. It is one of the premier tourist destinations in Australia with a diverse population, gourmet restaurants, a vibrant arts and theatre scene. It ranks high on the ease of doing business, and it is easy to see why most companies often prefer to set up shop here, and this has led to more opportunities opening up for skilled professionals.

About the course:

Companies know that they need to optimise their business processes including analytics to be able to derive key business insights ahead of the curve. This is why most of them have opted to use Microsoft Power BI to help transform their Big Data into transformative visuals. There is now more demand for Power BI professionals, and this is why you need to check out Zeolearn Academy since it offers an exhaustive look into it with its Power BI course in Melbourne. The Power BI training course in Melbourne comes with over sixteen hours of training sessions with the modules headlined by some of the top experts in the field. The course should enable you to stream and process large data sets effortlessly, to use Power BI visualisation techniques and tools to help transform the same into rich visuals that can be communicated to others in real time without hassle. The Power BI training in Melbourne should enable you to model data using data modelling tools and to learn about Power BI data Analysis Expression (DAX). The course comes with extensive lab sessions, realistic price tag, live projects and a valid Power BI certification in Melbourne.

What you learn

Our Power BI course in Melbourne offers the following –

  • Interactive training sessions
  • Modules headlined by experts
  • Classes on Power BI and components
  • Materials on data visualisation
  • To process large data clusters seamlessly using Power BI
  • To help transform large data sets into transformative visuals using Power BI
  • To create custom data visualisation reports
  • To work on live projects
  • To use data modelling to transform data from various sources
  • Extensive lab sessions, practical and demo

Course objectives

  • To process large data clusters and transform the same into rich visuals for ease of communication
  • To enhance business efficiency by optimising business analytics
  • To transform data from multiple sources into rich visuals


  • Virtual classes
  • Flexible schedule
  • Low fees
  • Money back guarantee

Is this course right for you?

If you are a data analyst looking to specialise further then Zeolearn’s Power BI course in Melbourne should be perfect for you. Check it out and enrol soon


You are expected to know about data processes

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