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In basic terms, Programming is defined as the implementation of various set of instructions in order to enable a computer to do certain tasks. The revolution in the computer industry has brought a lot of changes in the way programming is now implemented. FORTRAN, which appeared in 1957 is considered as one of the first major languages. Since then, there has been a huge evolution in programming languages. According to TIOBE Index 2017, Java is still the most popular language among the developers followed by C and C++ in the second and third positions.

The career path of a computer programmer is very clear as long as you have passion and desire to be in the field of analytics, problem solving, and coding. You will get promoted to the next level, depending on how you are developing the organization?s growth with your performance. The time period that you take to achieve the next level completely depends on your skills and experience and no other thing matters here.

If you aim to start a career in computer programming, it doesn?t make any difference which language or platform you choose. Here we see a few basic steps to get started with programming-

  • Choose a programming language that you are interested in
  • Do in-depth research on the particular language
  • Find a best institute or mentor who can help you in following the best practices
  • Start coding on your own
  • Study other languages once you master one programming language

    Becoming a developer is really a good decision that the vast majority wish they could make. Currently, programming skills are in demand and even non-technical industries are recruiting individuals to have front-end skills such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. programming has become a primary skill that increases your chances of demanding a high pay. According to recent research, it is found that individuals working in programming industry are receiving an average of $22,000 per year. They also found that in 2015 there were about 7 million jobs available for programmers and the jobs that require coding skills are growing much faster than the market average.

    Usually developers complain about online programming courses being boring, having lack of coding examples. Here at Zeolearn, we have clubbed important programming courses which are trending and job oriented as well. We want to change the way developers or programmers are now learning and implementing the programming languages. Students choosing any online programming courses will be mentored by the experts in the respective field. The courseware for all the programming classes includes an immersive project work. We encourage students to learn all the programming concepts via coding. Our ultimate goal is to provide beginners with an in-depth and quality learning experience.
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