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Python Training in Houston-TX, United States

Learn about Python architecture, design philosophy, and the basics of scripts, applications and packages. Understand how to unit test Python applications.

  • 24 hours of Instructor-led classes
  • Beginner level
  • Immersive hands-on learning
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Modes of Delivery

Key Features

24 hours of Instructor-led sessions
Immersive hands-on training
Grasp the fundamentals of Python such as object oriented programming, variables and control flow structures
Learn to use Python’s object-oriented design & extensive support libraries to create and deliver Python packages
Learn to unit test Python applications and explore its strong integration and text processing capabilities.
Our Python trainers will help students in implementing the technology for future projects


Python is steadily gaining popularity among software developers because of its ability to easily integrate with other technologies and offer more stability and higher programming productivity, especially in large projects with volatile requirements. Zeolearn brings a Python course that will allow you to fully utilise its concepts and create code that is simple yet fully functional and robust. Opting this Python training at our institute gives you knowledge about its architecture and design philosophy, and the basics of scripts, applications and packages through hands-on practical sessions.

Our academy offers two modes of training e-learning and online. The candidates can choose the mode they require. Registered candidates will get access to webinars, materials, and guidance presentations. We assure you that the coaching will be provided by the highly qualified and professional trainers who have years of industry experience.

Here’s what you will learn!

  • Use Python’s object-oriented design and extensive support libraries to create and deliver Python packages.
  • Learn how to unit test Python applications and explore its strong integration and text processing capabilities.
  • Learn how to harness the powerful features of Python that allows it to interface with most databases, web technologies and its document processing facilities.

Is this course right for you?

Professionals or even students who wish to pursue a career in Software programming, Web development, or Application development will benefit from this Python certification course.

What do you need to be familiar with?

  • Knowledge of basic programming concepts
  • Knowledge of object-oriented concepts will be beneficial


  1. Installations and versions 2.x and 3.x
  2. History of Python
  3. Why to use Python?
  4. Starting Python
  5. Interpreter PATH
  6. Using the Interpreter
  7. Running a Python Script
  8. Python Scripts on UNIX/Windows
  9. Python Editors and IDEs
  10. Using Variables, Keywords
  11. Built-in Functions
  12. Strings, Different Literals, Math Operators and Expressions
  13. Writing to the Screen
  14. String Formatting
  15. Command Line Parameters
  1. About Flow Control
  2. Indenting is significant
  3. The if and elif statements
  4. while loops
  5. Using lists
  6. Using the for statement
  7. The range() function
  1. Lists
  2. Tuples
  3. Indexing and Slicing
  4. Iterating through a Sequence
  5. Functions for all Sequences
  6. Using Enumerate()
  7. Operators and Keywords for Sequences
  8. The xrange() function
  9. List Comprehensions
  10. Generator Expressions
  11. Dictionaries and Sets
  1. Syntax of function definition
  2. Formal parameters
  3. Global versus local variables
  4. Passing parameters and returning values
  1. Text file I/O overview
  2. Opening a text file
  3. Reading text files
  4. Raw (binary) data
  5. Using the pickle module
  6. Writing to a text file
  1. Dealing with syntax errors
  2. Exceptions
  3. Handling exceptions with try/except
  4. Cleaning up with finally
  1. Dictionary overview
  2. Creating dictionaries
  3. Dictionary functions
  4. Fetching keys or values
  5. Testing for existence of elements
  6. Deleting elements
  1. The Import Statement
  2. Module Search Path
  3. Package Installation Ways
  1. RE Objects
  2. Pattern matching
  3. Parsing data
  4. Subexpressions
  5. Complex substitutions
  6. RE tips and tricks
  1. Introduction to Python Classes
  2. Defining Classes
  3. Initializers
  4. Instance Methods
  5. Properties
  6. Class Methods and Data
  7. Static Methods
  8. Private Methods and Inheritance
  9. Module Aliases and Regular Expressions

Our Students

I should thank to our instructor,Kevin, who helped me in learning the concepts from scratch. The course was informative and well laid out.The certification from ZeoLearn on Python made me an effective software programmer in the organisation. This course enhanced my programming skills. The whole experience was pretty good.

Initially I was pretty skeptical about the number of days they have assigned for the training. But the way they have carried out the training was something I was looking for. I was pretty impressed with the way the instructor explained how to write static methods in coding. Overall the course content was well organised and provided a good level of detail about each concept.

Throughout the course, I learnt some important package installation ways, strings, built-in functions, python scripts which later helped me while working on software programming projects. In this regard, I should give credit to the instructor who helped me a lot throughout the course. Thanks to Zeolearn for instilling confidence in me.

I was a part of the Python training sessions conducted by ZeoLearn in Houston. The trainer gave plenty of practical examples related to the subject matter. The syllabus is exactly crafted to suit the requirements of corporate standards. Overall, my experience with ZeoLearn has been highly rewarding and I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wishes to pursue a career in software programming.

I must say it was pretty good experience. The trainer’s approach was simple and engaging. Sit at home and learn all the insights of building programming concepts using Python. The online classroom session was the best and it helped me a lot for the Python project I am working. Thanks to the ZeoLearn and instructor as well.

The training was by far the best I have received in recent years. ZeoLearn provided a hands on training on Python which helped me in more than one way. The instructor was very flexible as he helped me clear all my doubts. I was expecting few more sessions on the advanced concepts of Python. One of my friend referred me to this course and it worthed a lot for me. Thanks to Zeolearn as well as my instructor.

You get an unbelievable exposure to the Python concepts from ZeoLearn’s training. They just make you ready to work on events and modules in applications. But I strongly feel that the instructor, Robert, should have spent some more time on python scripting and object oriented programming, at least in some small applications. I recommend this course to many people willing to work as software developers.

Callum Wrench

Callum Wrench

Flatchat Python full stack developer
Kadence Curtis

Kadence Curtis Backend python web developer
Maurie Fleming

Maurie Fleming

Frilp Python developer
Jolie Hoffman

Jolie Hoffman

Function Space Python software developer
Rayne Hubbard

Rayne Hubbard

RezNext Lead Python developer
Ernest Pope

Ernest Pope

TalentPad Python software developer
Creed Adkins

Creed Adkins

Talview Senior python developer

Frequently Asked Questions

Considering that Python is widely used for processing text, numbers, images or scientific data, and finds popular application in many development environments, getting hands on knowledge is an asset, especially if you want to make a career in Python programming.This course hand holds you through Python concepts and familiarizes you to the basics of writing and running Python scripts to more advanced features such as file operations, regular expressions, working with binary data, and using the extensive functionality of Python modules. The course is a blend of theory and hands on practice that will give you the opportunity to try out examples in a real-world scenario.
After completing our course, you will be able to:
  • Master the concepts of Python programming and write your own scripts
  • Learn the fundamentals of Python such as object oriented programming, variables and control flow structures
  • Write robust code and also test it
  • Write code so that it is crisp and reusable
  • Use modules and dictionaries
  • Deal with errors and handle exceptions and made the code fail proof
  • Learn to work with files
Towards the end of the course, all participants will be required to work on a project to get hands on familiarity with the concepts learnt. You will build a Python program with full support from your mentors. This project, which can also be a live industry project, will be reviewed by our instructors and industry experts. On successful completion, you will be awarded a certificate.
Classes are held on weekdays and weekends. You can check available schedules and choose the batch timings which are convenient for you.
You may be required to put in 10 to 12 hours of effort every week, including the live class, self study and assignments.
  • Your classes will be held online. All you need is a windows computer with good internet connection to attend your classes online. A headset with microphone is recommended.
  • You may also attend these classes from your smart phone or tablet.
Don’t worry, you can always access your class recording or opt to attend the missed session again in any other live batch.

Python Course in Houston-TX

Houston boasts of the eighth wonder of the world that is the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Centre that has revolutionised the aerospace industry. Houston’s economy has been boosted by the various industries, such as the biomedical research, oil and natural gas industry, IT and aeronautics industry. Houston has a huge technology job market for the Python developers. There is a rising demand for Python developers in this city and it is a good place to live and begin a career as a software developer.

Invest in the Python training in Houston at Zeolearn. It is known for offering an array of accredited courses in Hadoop administration, android development, Angular JS, front end development in the fields of administration, marketing and IT etc.

Python Training, Houston

Python features automatic memory management and dynamic type system and has comprehensive library. It is a high-level language that means a programmer can concentrate on what to do instead of how to do it. Writing a program in Python takes less time than in any other language. Its design philosophy stresses on the code readability, and syntax permits programmers to express the concepts in less lines of code than those languages of Java or C++. It is an open-source, interpreted language that does not need to be compiled to run.

Our Python training course in Houston program offers:

  • Understanding of the design philosophy, architecture, applications and the basic concepts of scripts and packages through live coding experience and the hands-on-training.
  • Basic understanding on how to make use of the distinctive features of the programming language Python which permits to interface with the web technologies, most of the databases and the document processing facilities.
  • In-depth knowledge on the basic and the advanced concepts of Python that permits the users to help to create powerful codes.
  • Knowledge on how to unit test the python applications and finding out its text processing and integration capabilities.

Highlights of the Python training course in Houston include:

  • Learning from 16 hours of hand-on training sessions.
  • Instructor led online classroom training and flexible, training sessions.
  • Virtual classroom learning, flexible training sessions.
  • Gaining lifetime access to the class recordings to clarify doubts when required.

Enrol for the Python online course in Houston on the weekdays or weekends at your convenience from your home. Connect with the live online training courses offered by the adroit instructors with the help of a good internet connection and laptop, smart phone or computer.

Course Objectives

The objective of the course is:

  • To learn about file operations, regular expressions, and working with binary data.
  • To learn how to use the Python scripts on UNIX or Windows, editors, IDEs, variables, keywords etc.
  • To learn the principles of the object-oriented programming and interplay of the algorithms and the data structures in good-written modular code;
  • To learn the basics of writing, different literals, math expressions and command line parameters.

Is This Course For You?

This course is designed for professionals and students interested in advancing their career in the web development, software programming, or application development.

We offer corporate training sessions. Pay the most reasonable Python training costs in Houston for group or individual sessions.

What You Need to Be Familiar With?

  • Knowledge of the basic and oriented programming concepts.

Contact right now to know the dates scheduled to enroll for the Python training in Houston. We welcome your questions and doubts related to Python training certification.

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