SAFe® 5 For Architects Certification Training

Learn how to use Architecture to enable continuous value flow

  • 24 hours of live and interactive instructor-led online training
  • Earn 24 PDUs and 24 SEUs in three days
  • Learn to implement continuous delivery and release on demand
  • Master the role of the Architect and leverage architecture to enable continuous value flow
  • Learn the tools through which SAFe Architects become effective leaders and change agents


Learn how to improve collaboration and alignment in a SAFe® Agile enterprise. In this interactive course replete with real-world simulations and engaging activities, you will explore the roles, responsibilities, and mindset of Agile Architects. 

Architecture aligns with business value, driving continuous flow to large systems-of-systems while supporting SAFe program execution and the architect plays a key role in this. This three-day program will equip you with the skills you need to implement continuous delivery and release on demand.

Certified SAFe® 5 Architect is a designation offered by Scaled Agile, Inc.  

  • SAFe Certified Architects earn higher than their colleagues without certifications 
  • The average salary of a Certified SAFe Architect is $144,875 ( 
  • Enhance your job prospects and bag rewarding roles in top companies tech companies  
  • Add a globally recognized certificate to your credentials and accelerate your career path
  • Agile architecture supports Agile development practices through collaboration, emergent design, intentional architecture, and design simplicity 
  • Agile architecture also enables designing for testability, deployability and releaseability.  
  • Rapid prototyping, domain modeling, and decentralized innovation are all enabled by Agile architecture 
  • The SAFe Architect leads Lean Agile transformation and implements Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery 
  • SAFe enables optimization of Continuous Delivery Deployment by implementation of designs in small batches 



Immersive hands-on training: hands-on exercises, group discussions, assignments, intensive QnA. 


Ask questions, get clarifications, and engage in discussions with instructors and other participants. 


Get mentored by industry practitioners with over 10 years of experience across industries. 


Don’t gain just theoretical or practical knowledge. Understand the What, Why, and How of a subject. 


Get reviews and timely feedback on your assignments and projects from professional developers. 


We emphasize on learning the concepts through examples and help you build a portfolio of projects. 


Free lifetime enrolment into any of the upcoming batches to help you refresh the concepts. 


Designed with care by industry experts to ensure the latest trends are captured in the curriculum.


Leverage interactive sessions and immersive learning platform to enhance your skills remotely. 


SAFe® 5 for Architects

  • Step 1: Get trained by SAFe® Program Consultants (SPCs) in a 24-hour course 

  • Step 2: Get at least 45 of 60 answers right to clear the online exam by Scaled Agile, Inc. 

  • Step 3: On passing the exam, become a certified SAFe 5 Architect


  • Completion of at least one SAFe course 
  • Participation in at least one Agile Release Train, one Program Increment 
  • Knowledge and experience of applying Lean-Agile principles   

Who should attend the SAFe® 5 for Architects Training?


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Understand Lean-Agile architecture and how to apply it to improve collaboration and alignment in a SAFe Lean-Agile enterprise. 

Learn the tools and techniques and build the skills to architect for DevOps and Release on Demand.  

Learn how to develop Solution Vision, Solution Intent, and Roadmaps at your organization.

Find out how to prepare the necessary architecture for Program Increment Planning at your enterprise. 

Execute Program Increments and learn how to support and encourage Continuous Delivery. 

Learn how you can lend support to Strategic Themes and different Value Streams. 

Understand the role an Architect plays in an organization undergoing Lean-Agile Transformation. 

FAQs on SAFe® 5 for Architects Certification Training 

SAFe® 5 for Architects Certification Training

The SAFe® 5 for Architects Certification Training is designed to help you become a skilled SAFe Architect. Not only will you get all the support you need to pass your exam and get certified in the first go, you will also add corresponding skillsets to your skills portfolio:  

  • Develop Solution Vision, Solution Intent, Roadmaps  
  • Preparing for Program Increment (PI) Planning  
  • Coordinate architecture throughout PI Planning  
  • Support Continuous Delivery during PI execution  
  • Support new Strategic Themes and Value Streams  
  • Support risk and issue resolution  
  • Participate in Review and Problem Solving in PI execution  
  • Coach Lean-Agile practitioners 

As a result of completing the SAFe® 5 for Architects Certification, you will be able to: 

  • Ensure that Solution complies with Portfolio technology strategy  
  • Enable Lean-Agile transformations and coach Lean-Agile practitioners  
  • Apply SAFe principles to managing trade-offs between functionality, cost, risk, sustainability  
  • Enable Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery of architectural designs  
  • Establish intentional architecture guidelines   
  • Lead as an architect during Lean-Agile transformation  
  • Manage trade-offs between functionality, cost, risk, sustainability  
  • Align architecture with business value  
  • Steer architecture decisions  
  • Enable Lean-Agile transformations 

To participate in this course, you must have completed at least one SAFe course. You should also have participated in at least one Agile Release Train and Program Increment. It is also important that participants know the application of Lean-Agile principles. 

You will need an internet browser with a high-speed internet connection. An application like MS Word or Notepad and a Windows or equivalent network. 

On completing this course, you will get a certificate of completion along with all the necessary skills that would help you pursue a rewarding career as a Certified SAFe® 5 Architect.  

SAFe® 5 for Architects Certification Training Experience 

The SAFe® 5 for Architects Certification training at Zeolearn is delivered through an immersive learning experience platform, using live and interactive instructor-led training sessions.   

You will be able to listen, learn, ask questions, and get all your doubts clarified from your instructor.

This course is delivered by Industry experts having experience working in SAFe enterprises and with SAFe Architecture. These instructors will not only impart conceptual knowledge but also mentor you through the program. 

Our class time is dedicated to fun hands-on exercises, lively discussions, case studies and team collaboration, all facilitated by an instructor with industry expertise. This structure helps us deliver an applied learning experience. This structure has worked well with thousands of engineers, whom we have helped upskill, over the years.  

All our SAFe® 5 for Architects Certification training sessions are currently held online. So, anyone with a fast internet connection can attend from anywhere across the world.  

Schedules for our upcoming workshops in SAFe 5 for Architects Certification can be found here.   

We use the Zoom platform for video conferencing. All the sessions and recordings will be available right from within our learning platform. Learners will not be required to install any additional software.  

Yes, there will be several other participants from diverse backgrounds, domains, and geographies.

If you miss a class, you can access the class recordings from our online learning platform at any time. At the start of every session, there will be a 10–12-minute recapitulation of the previous class.   

Finance-related Queries

Yes, with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy, you are assured of the highest standards of quality. If for some reason your expectations are not met, we will refund the course fee in accordance with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy.   

Yes, you can change the start date to your SAFe® 5 for Architects Certification training, with a prior notice of at least 24 hours and subject to availability in the desired batch.  

Yes, scholarships are available for students and veterans with grants up to 50% of the course fees.  

To avail scholarships for our SAFe® 5 for Architects Certification training, please get in touch with us at The team shall send across the forms and instructions to you. Based upon the responses and answers that we receive, our panel of experts take a decision on the Grant. The entire process could take about 7 to 15 days.  

Yes, instalment options are available for payment of course fee. To avail the instalment option, please get in touch with us at The team will explain how the instalments work and provide timelines for your case.  

Typically, the number of instalments vary from 2 to 3, but the full amount must be paid before you complete the course. 

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