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Wesson Higgins Lead Python developer 07 Jul 2017

After doing this course in Washington, I got to know how important a role Python plays in an organisation.The instructor was very good.The entire course was filled with such interactive sessions which helped me a lot in getting my doubts cleared.I would suggest it to all the developers and students who are looking forward to make a career in the field of software programming, application development or web development.

Creed Adkins Senior python developer 07 Jul 2017

You get an unbelievable exposure to the Python concepts from ZeoLearn’s training.They just make you ready to work on events and modules in applications.But I strongly feel that the instructor, Robert, should have spent some more time on python scripting and object oriented programming, at least in some small applications.I recommend this course to many people willing to work as software developers.

Ernest Pope Python software developer 07 Jul 2017

The training was by far the best I have received in recent years. ZeoLearn provided a hands on training on Python which helped me in more than one way.The instructor was very flexible as he helped me clear all my doubts.I was expecting few more sessions on the advanced concepts of Python.One of my friend referred me to this course and it worthed a lot for me.Thanks to Zeolearn as well as my instructor.

Micah Burgess Python developer 07 Jul 2017

I took the Python certification course offered by ZeoLearn in Washington.I enjoyed Brian’s style as an instructor. Instructor was clear and concise and encourage frequent participation from students.It made the class and learning the material enjoyable.Overall the course content was well organized and provided a good level of detail about each concept.Thanks to ZeoLearn.

Seamus Mullins Backend python web developer 07 Jul 2017

Their course agenda covered almost each and every topic in python.The entire course was framed perfectly.Initially it was not easy for me to get the concepts but later it became very easy for me with the help of instructors.I received excellent mentor ship from my instructor.He should have conducted more practical sessions.

Blaire Strickland Python full stack developer 07 Jul 2017

I am glad that I didn’t miss an opportunity to attend the Python training session provided by Zeolearn. The online classroom session was really helpful and this has helped me to understand my web development project in a better way.Each minute was a learning experience with real-case studies.Thanks to ZeoLearn.


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