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Jude Shell angular 6 developer 25 Sep 2018

I feel proud, that I was part of Zeolearn training session on Angular 6 which was held in the Boston. It gained a lot of subject exposure and truly developed my skills in such a way that the session was designed, developed, and delivered by experts who have practical experience. This training helped me to land my dream job and build real-world SPAs on my own. I must recommend others to take up this course.

Clemmie Tesar angular 6 lead 25 Sep 2018

It was all so good! Assignments were given as per the learning which was really the biggest plus point, instead of just teaching theoretically. The trainers are very knowledgeable and helped us to build amazing Angular apps from small to large enterprise level applications. I am really happy with this great training and recommend to anyone interested in getting into Angular coding.

Harlen Harmel angular 6 developer 25 Sep 2018

The trainer was highly skilled and helped me in building confidence to improve my knowledge. He explained with real-world examples to understand the concepts better. I really enjoyed this training at Zeolearn institute.

Michelle Landau angular 6 lead 25 Sep 2018

The trainer has got amazing teaching skills. This is a wonderful course to understand the Angular 6 concepts and practices. Since I am done with this course from Zeolearn, I am feeling pleased and confident after mastering Angular. If you really want to learn Angular coding this course by Zeolearn at Boston city is the boon for you.

Annelise English angular 6 developer 25 Sep 2018

Before this course, I was not able to explore Angular coding and architect the practices, but now I have become a master of it. All this is because of Angular 6 training. Really, the session held in Dallas was much interesting and more interacting, the trainer was very supportive and cooperative. Throughout the course, the trainer has helped me level up. Thanks to the trainer and Zeolearn!

Ali Ephron angular 6 lead 25 Sep 2018
Very in-depth course. Initially, I thought the training may not be completely aligned with my project requirements, but I am really happy to be proved wrong. The trainer explained how the same thing can be done in multiple ways. There were a lot of concepts covered and explained clearly that I don’t think I could have found elsewhere. Truly, one of the best course to get started to explore Angular coding.


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