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Software testing is a process of identifying and testing the errors and defects that were detected during the development stage and finally ensures whether it meets the specified requirements or not. It is crucial to offer a quality product without any issue or bug.

Why to choose testing as career?

Software is an industry that does not have an end mark. It means that software testing is here to continue, even though it might change from manual to automated. Testing is one of the important and core domain in IT next to development and businesses has realized its importance before product release. Job opportunities for software testers would be always good. So, it would be better to be aware of advanced testing tools such as JMeter, Selenium etc.

In the years 2013 and 2014, software testing has seen an exponential growth and the growth became constant in 2015. According to a research, the global software testing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14% by 2021. The average salary for a software tester in the United States is $59,530.

Are you ready to start your career in software testing?

Recently, software testing has seen a better professional career for many. Your career development as a software tester will mostly look like following but sometimes may differ from company to company-

  • QA Analyst (Fresher)
  • Sr. QA Analyst (2-3 years’ experience)
  • QA Team Coordinator (5-6 years’ experience)
  • Test Manager (8-11 years’ experience)
  • Senior Test Manager (14+ years’ experience)

    Someday you may also get a chance to move to BA (business analyst) role, as software testers will get a very good grip over the software concepts as time progresses.

    Who can become a QA Software Tester and how?

    Anyone who is interested can become a software tester. It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the field or want to make a career move from a different technology. Taking testing course from a well-established institute will help you to become a software testing expert. Choose the right institute for a brighter future!

    At Zeolearn, we offer different online testing courses which include selenium testing, automation testing, functional testing, mobile application testing etc. Zeolearn academy is well aware of industry needs and hence offers you a comprehensive training that will fast track your proficiency and understanding in testing. Zeolearn’s software testing training is ideal for every aspiring candidate who wants to make a career in software testing.
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